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Wix vs WordPress – Which One Should I Use?

Are you trying to decide between Wix vs WordPress for your new website? While WordPress is the most popular website builder in the world, Wix is becoming a popular alternative for many. In this article, we will compare Wix vs WordPress and highlight the pros and cons to help you decide which platform is best for your needs.

wix or wordpress website

Wix is an easy to use site builder with flexible designs. Building a large site isn’t recommendable as the editor tends to become slow with too many pages. If you’re looking for fairly standard e-commerce or portfolio sites up to 20 pages then it’s great! WordPress allows you to create much larger websites but requires more technical knowledge. If you’re building a website with conventional features, you’ll probably find Wix offers everything you need. If you need unconventional features, you’ll probably be able to find a Wordpress theme or plugin that supports it.


Price will be a key factor when deciding which platform is best. It’s hard to compare Wix and WordPress pricing because they are priced completely differently. WordPress is different in that the WordPress core is free. But you could end up paying for themes, plugins and hosting.

Wix: Wix includes everything in one package: hosting, ecommerce, themes, apps, customer support— these are all included in every Wix package. (Some apps on the Wix App Store do cost money— but almost all are free.) For most people, where they are not having features such as e-commerce payments or booking forms, then the combo plan is suitable and they can get this for £86 a year if paid annually, or £9.60 a month.

With Wix, the prices are clear and paid monthly, yearly or bi-yearly. There’s a wide variety of plans that include an increasing number of features, a free domain (when paying yearly) and web hosting:

  • Combo (£6/month annually)

  • Unlimited (£8.50/month annually)

  • Business Basic (for online stores) (£13/month annually)

WordPress: A WordPress site is technically free. However, you need to pay for WordPress hosting. This will usually be around £5 - £20 a month, plus you may have to pay for many of the plugins too.


SEO refers to search engine optimisation; basically how easily your site appears in search engines such as Google. This is another area where Wix does well compared with other best website builders. You can change the page title, alt attributes, have a great choice of headings and more. For WordPress, you have a few options out of the box, but you really need to add in a plugin here. Yoast SEO, for instance, is free and a very powerful tool.

In conclusion...

The perfect website builder, it goes without saying, depends on the website you need. Do you need tons and tons of pages and scalability? If so, then perhaps WordPress is your best bet. Do you want an easy to edit platform that you could maybe manage yourself? Then pick Wix. On a tight budget… then you’ll usually get a cheaper Wix website built for you than a WordPress one which takes much longer! Plus, with Wix… it’s designed to be beginner friendly so perhaps you could have a go yourself.

For more support though, see our prices for Wix and WordPress websites HERE.

Mikala at Moon Digital

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