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Wix Editor Review 2021

Why we think Wix is the best all-around website builder on the market!

Overall Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

wix websie editor
Image by Wix

Moon Digital are specialists in Wix website design. But we sometimes get asked...

why do you use wix? Well, we used to build websites using other types of website design software, such as JavaScript and WordPress, but found that actually Wix was a much better for clients looking for a beautiful, functional and user friendly website for your business that is easy to manage yourself post-build. 1. Cost effective

Wix websites are a lot quicker for us to create for you ,even when you require bespoke designs without using templates! This us because we are focusing on the design not the coding (wix has built-in code). By cutting out the coding and need for a developer, we can build sites quicker so you can pay less!

2. Versatility

The only limit to Wix websites is your imagination. Due to the advances with the Wix editor we can do most things design wise and can find workarounds for any problems. We can create truly stunning designs that you'll love and can be tweaked and changed easily.

wix web design

3. Easy to manage yourself

One of the best aspects is Wix's simple drag and drop editor, making it possible for clients to maintain the site themselves without the need for code. We can manage this for you though if you would prefer!) 4. Device Compatibility

Wix websites are built as responsive websites which means they're viewable on all devices across all web browsers and software. The websites perform just as well on a desktop as a mobile or tablet device. This is ideal with the amount of mobile users today.

wix website design

5. Great with SEO

Many people are concerned that a website built using a website builder like Wix won't perform as well with SEO (being found in search engines) as a website built traditionally using JavaScript or WordPress. But, today this is just not the case. Wix websites have been proven and include a wide range of built in SEO tools capable of getting your site to the top of Google and ranking for your key terms.

Ready to get a wix site built for you?

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