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Top New Wix Features to Boost Your Website Success

As a Wix Partner who has built hundreds of websites, I know that a quality site is so much more than a pretty picture. User-friendly navigation, intuitive design and airtight security are just a few of the most vital website features. Whether you’re figuring out how to start a new website or how to improve an existing one, here's some of the new Wix features that you might want to try out.

Wow your audience with eye-catching gradients

Create beautiful backgrounds for strips and columns with radial, linear or fluid gradients. Plus, add them to images or videos to get a unique look and feel


Offer a fast checkout with Google Pay

Reduce abandoned carts with Google Pay at your checkout. Let online shoppers pay quicker—in just two clicks


Let customers buy now and pay later with Afterpay

Offer installments, get paid upfront and track all payments in your Wix Dashboard.


Identify what’s holding your site back on Google

Access audits with tailored actions and recommendations to improve your site’s search performance and overall SEO health with the Site-Level SEO Assistant.


Manage SEO Settings at scale

Easily edit your site’s default SEO Settings like structured data, meta tags, URL slugs and more, by page or page type—so you can work more efficiently and at scale


Showcase your weekly class schedule

Make it easier for clients to book classes by displaying your full weekly schedule in a single timetable



Coupons are now available for Pricing Plans

Offer your customers coupons that can be applied to one-time or recurring subscriptions at the checkout to boost sales


Track video stats and engagement over time

See how visitors engage with your videos and analyze key stats like views, downloads and sales. Get to know your audience and optimize your videos accordingly.


Wix Editor: New Overlay Photo Feature

Add a variety of cool visual effects to your images using overlays. Use the Wix Photo Studio to create effects like flares, shadows and reflections.

Would you like help to implement any of the new Wix features or improve your site? Get in touch here.

Mikala @ Moon Digital

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