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Boost Your Website Conversions with UX Analysis & Design

As a freelance UX designer, we provide UX services that allow you to uncover opportunities to boost conversions without the guesswork and see where your users are dropping out or failing to take action.

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How can UX help your small business to grow?

Whether it’s a website, software or any product for an end-user, the objective is to generate an enjoyable, seamless experience for the user. If users are happy, then your business can grow.

  • Create happier experiences for customers

  • Increased conversions

  • Increased online sales

  • Increased customer satisfaction and repeat visits/sales

UX Design in websites

UX is an important component of website design. Buyers (or users) expect a good experience and make buying decisions in seconds, if it takes minutes to find your navigation then you won’t succeed. Similarly, if your visitors don’t get the right feeling straight away, then they’re unlikely to complete your lead forms. Whenever a user struggles to use your website, they might decide it’s not worth the trouble.

This is why it’s essential to understand how users use your site and fix whatever is causing their frustration.


But how do you measure it? 

Measuring your websites UX

The best way is to carry out a UX website audit to see how it is currently performing from an experience perspective. Google invented the HEART framework to help with this:


Happiness: We can use online surveys to find out how happy your website visitors are and get their real opinions. 

Engagement: This is a measure of how much a user interacts with a product, of their own volition. E.g. how often do people explore new content by themselves?

Adoption: Adoption is defined as the number of new users over a certain time frame. It’s a measure of how successful you are at attracting new business. This is more down to your SEO and marketing here though, and not simply just UX.

Retention: Retention, is keeping your existing users for x amount of time. How long are users on your website? How long are they on each page for? What journey do they take through your website?


Task Success: How successful is your site at meeting it’s objectives? Can the process be improved? For example, could the checkout process be simplified? Or is the registration process putting people off? Is everyone downloading your free gift?

Are you looking for help to analyse the Usability of your website from a freelance UX designer? Get in touch.

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Whether you want a new website UI and UX design, or want to improve your current website usability and conversions, we can help. Get in touch to chat through the options.

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