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Conquering Your Neighbourhood Online: A Playful Peek at Small Business Marketing📌

Updated: Feb 15

Ah, the world of small business marketing - it's a jungle out there, folks! A teeming, digital metropolis where big businesses roam like majestic, brandishing T-Rexes, gobbling up attention with fancy-schmancy ad campaigns and swanky websites.

Meanwhile, the humble local business, like a tenacious little squirrel, must scurry about, finding clever ways to gather up those precious acorns of visibility and customer engagement. I'm in the same boat as you guys!

But fear not, for I have come, your friendly marketing mongoose, to guide you through this wild wilderness. Let's put the fun back into functional, shall we?

The Grand Entrance - Making the Most of Your Google Business Profile

Alright, so picture the Internet as a swanky soirée and your Google Business Profile as your dazzling debut. It’s like your polished shoes, your irresistible grin and that quirky anecdote that breaks the ice. It’s your chance to be unforgettable, like a fluorescent flamingo at a pigeon party.

To do so, you must nail the bare essentials - your business name, contact details, and a pithy summary that encapsulates your brand faster than a greyhound chasing a mechanical hare. Oh, and ensure your business hours are spot-on unless you want to deal with miffed customers who’ve braved the horrors of peak-hour traffic to be greeted by a 'Closed' sign. Now, wouldn’t that be a bit of a sticky wicket?

Learn more about GMB profiles HERE.

Popping Up Like a Well-Timed Toast - Optimising Your Local SEO

Ah, SEO, the internet's equivalent of good old popping candy - sprinkled in the right places, it'll make your online presence sizzle and pop! When it comes to optimising your local SEO, think of your website as a fresh-from-the-oven loaf. You've got to slice it just right with local and business-related keywords. But remember, don't go stuffing them in like a teenager trying to squeeze into skinny jeans after Christmas.

Google, like a hawk-eyed headmaster, is watching, and you might end up in the digital naughty corner. By nailing local SEO, your business could be popping up on search results quicker than toast at breakfast, becoming the toast (pun absolutely intended) of your local area. So, go on, show Google who's boss and become the big cheese of local SEO. Use the free Google keyword planner to help you to discover the best key terms for your business, audience and location.

Learn more about how I can help you with your SEO here and request a free SEO site check.

Show Off Your Stuff - Utilising Photos and Videos

Think of photos and videos as your small business's very own peacock feathers. They're there to strut your stuff, flaunt your flair and make potential customers' eyeballs do a merry jig of interest. They're like a sneak-peek into your quirky, unique world – be it your hand-crafted products, your cheery team, or the cosy nook where the magic happens.

So, ensure they're as crisp as a new tenner, bang up to date, and have more pizzazz than a salsa dancer on a double espresso. After all, you want them to be more enthralling than watching grass grow, don't you?

Going the Extra Mile - Encouraging Online Reviews

Piling up online reviews is akin to asking your mum to distribute your baby photos at a high school reunion - a tad terrifying but potentially incredibly rewarding. They're the secret sauce that can supercharge your local standing and SEO.

Mind you, they won’t all be as flattering as a photoshopped selfie. For the less complimentary ones, don’t get your knickers in a twist. Tackle them with the grace of a ballerina on a tightrope, absorb the feedback like a super-absorbent kitchen towel, and demonstrate your resilience, proving you're tougher than a stale British scone.

Try to get regular reviews to keep your google business profile ranking high, and always respond to your reviewers!

Sprinkle Some Extra Stardust - Using Google Posts and Q&A

Think of Google Posts and Q&A as the cherry on top of your digital trifle – a delightful surprise that leaves your audience craving for more.

Google Posts are like little adverts or newsflashes that pop up in your Google business profile, enabling you to trumpet about your latest offers, upcoming events or fresh-from-the-oven products. The Q&A is like an online chit-chat, a chance for you to engage directly with curious customers, resolving queries faster than a quiz whizz on a caffeine buzz.

So, sprinkle that extra stardust on your online presence, add that irresistible allure to your digital personality. After all, you're not just a random business; you're a neighbourhood hero-in-waiting. Now, put on that superhero cape and go claim your digital realm!

For more information or support please get in touch with us and let's have a quick chat about your business and how I can help you.

Mikala - Owner and Designer at Moon Digital 🚀

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