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Property Store - The UK’s best solution to Property Management Software

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Helping an exiting new tech start-up reach success in the property world

Property Store is a brand new technology and powerful CRM dedicated exclusively to Property Portfolio Management. There are many CRM's on the market, but very few of them are designed by property experts for property experts. They believe in making things simpler for Property Professionals, from Sourcing Deals to looking after Lettings. Property Store is the 'One Stop Shop' for all property operational needs.


Other CRM's do exist on the market, therefore Property Store needed to stand out as being powerful yet simple and easy to use. We had to communicate something different and exciting to educate and delight property experts who are crying out for the functionality and ease of use this new platform offers at such an affordable price.

The main challenge faced when building the Property Store brand was finding a way to seamlessly fit the small team’s warmer, people-first approach into a very to-the-point property industry. Following in-depth research into the insider world of property management, we championed a brand focus that encompassed what this new technology does for those in the industry.

  • Fresh

  • Modern

  • Simple

  • Easy to use

  • Trustworthy

  • Friendly

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Being one of the most affordable new CRM solutions gave Property Store an advantage, but that also meant they needed to boldly lead the way, not rest on their laurels because of a lack affordable competition. Growth in the space is inevitable, so critically their visual identity needed to be powerful, instantly recognisable and designed with longevity in mind.

The logo is shaped like a house with a 'P' to embody the property sector and the brand name. Using yellow and orange give the brand it's fun and friendly feel that the company wanted to portray. The use of navy provides the sense of professionalism and trust which is vital in the tech industry. We also used a large amount of white space to keep it clear and simple and always easy to use. The software had to be simple and easy to use for all.

In order to communicate effectively with our target audience (property managers and investors) and instil a sense of trust in the industry, our tone needed to be well-balanced and clear. We chose to maintain a to-the-point tone of voice making it very clear how Property Store can help them: 

"Property Store is a CRM dedicated exclusively to Property Portfolio Management. We believe in making things simpler for Property Professionals, from Sourcing Deals to looking after your Lettings. Property Store is the 'One Stop Shop' for all of your operational needs

The software itself is designed to be very minimal and clear with a busy property expert in mind.  The user journey is intuitive and enables consumers to easily navigate and set-up their property insights, and even those that have minimal computer skills can use each of the features without support. Thorough industry research was carried out to ensure the features and experience matched those required of the target audience for such a CRM.

SEO & Growth

Being a new company and website they had poor search engine visibility. We had a clear target audience in mind - property managers. Property Store have cleverly partnered with The Prosperity Network and are providing access to it's members. But they also wanted to generate their own organic traffic for the UK (and then reach other countries as a secondary goal). We completed an in-depth keyword analysis to see what the target audience is searching for across major search engines and narrowed the list to 10 top keywords that would generate the most relevant traffic. We optimised the website for these terms and continue to complete off-page backlinking and SEO techniques to gradually increase Property Stores rankings over time.

- competitor analysis and tracking

- in depth key term analysis

- starting positions and ranking progress

- website issues and on-page optimisation

heat map

Usability, Edits & Improvements

We work with Property Store to test and assess the website and the software usability. We carry out website tracking and analytics on a regular basis to view page visits, as well as analyse the software usage. But we also go a step further and trace what people are doing, where they're going, what they're clicking on, where we lose them (if at all) and what their opinions are.  We use suitable questionnaires to gather user feedback, as the user's opinion is the most important one! This enables us to see how the product is performing and make suitable plans for improvements. This is simply an on-going cycle: test - improve - evaluate - so that the product always performs at it's best.

- heat mapping

- user feedback questionnaires

- A/B testing

- customer profiling

- mobile and desktop usability testing

We're now just excited to watch and support Property Store succeed and grow over the coming months and years!

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