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Why Your Cat Probably Does Better Web Design Than You... And How to Change That!😹

Ever wondered if your cat, while lazily clawing at your expensive Persian rug, could also be plotting a revolutionary start-up? Sounds ludicrous, right? But hey, if you are scratching your head about web design for small business, there's a good chance Fluffy has it more figured out than you do! It's high time we put our paws...ahem, hands to work and got ahead in the online world.

The Importance of Web Design for Small Businesses - Why Fluffy Could Run a Start-Up!

Web design isn't all about pretty colours and snazzy fonts. It's far more than that; think of it as the spine to your online persona. It's akin to Fluffy's whiskers that give her that classic cat sass. Shoddy web design is the equivalent of showing up to a prestigious gala event dressed in a chicken costume - sure, you'll turn heads, but not for the right reasons.

Think of local business web design as your golden ticket to making an impression in your field, not becoming the laughing stock. It's not just about catching eyes; it's about ensuring those eyes like what they see and stick around. If not, they'll do a disappearing act faster than your kitty when the vacuum cleaner starts up. So, channel your inner Fluffy, be smart, and realise the value of a top-notch website. You don't want to be the one left in the dust while Fluffy takes over the world!

See more about local business marketing with Google business profiles HERE.

Outsmarting Your Cat: The Basics of Web Design

"Hold on, did you just compare my business's web design to catnip for my fluffy friend?" Absolutely right! So let's delve into how you can prance ahead in the digital landscape.

You don't need to crack the enigma code or hold a degree in rocket science to craft a website smoother than your cat’s silky fur. User-friendly platforms, like Wix for web design, make it easier than persuading your kitty into a bath... that’s to say, significantly less traumatic! And remember, simplicity is the key. Think about your favourite toy as a kitten - was it the expensive, singing, dancing robot mouse, or the simple piece of string? That's right. Just as Fluffy enjoys her simple pleasures, your customers will appreciate a straightforward, easy-to-navigate website.

So, don't let the thought of web design give you hairballs; embrace it and prepare to outwit your four-legged friend in the digital realm! With software such as Wix and WordPress and Elementor, we can create no-code drag and drop websites that are easy to maintain and affordable for small business.

Do you want support to get your website started? See more HERE.

The Real Game-Changer: Small Business Marketing

Small business marketing, my mates, is the juicy, mouth-watering tuna of your business's digital presence. It's not just about having a nifty website, but making sure the right people find their way to it, much like how Fluffy always finds that one secret stash of treats! We do not need to do things in the same way as larger companies either.

Whether it's mastering the art of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) or tapping into the social media realm, it's your golden opportunity to play an epic game of digital hide and seek with your potential customers, and totally nail it! In other words, it's about strategically shaking that treat bag and luring in your target audience. So, gear up and prepare to pounce on the tantalising opportunities small business marketing has to offer!

A number one step that I recommend you all do is to create a Google Business Profile (get seen in Google maps) so that people local to you can find you right away. It's the easiest first step to local business marketing for small business.

See more about local business marketing with Google business profiles HERE.

Your New Battle Plan: Embracing Web Design and Small Business Marketing 🪖💪

Right, time to get those claws sharpened and brace yourself for the exciting jungle of web design and marketing! Picture yourself as Fluffy: Always alert, always on the hunt, and a natural at seizing opportunities. Channel that spirit and let your business roar on the web.

From start-ups to seasoned small businesses, a strong online presence is the ultimate way to mark your territory. So don't be a scaredy-cat; it's your turn to be the big cat on the block! Don't let your feline friend show you up. In the realms of web design and small business marketing, you are the ultimate predator. You are the king of the digital jungle; let your roar be heard!

For support in getting started with a website or marketing please reach out HERE and we can have a free chat about your business.

Mikala - Owner and Designer at Moon Digital 🚀

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