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7 Minute Mornings - On demand fitness for busy people

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Helping an exiting new fitness on-demand start-up 'HIIT' a high

7 Minute Mornings is a time-saving fitness solution designed for everyday, busy people. It's not your typical online fitness company though! That's because it's not about weight loss, or exercise for people that enjoy exercise... it's an affordable (and even free) solution to help people that don't usually exercise to look and feel better. 

Exercise and online home fitness is nothing new. But trying to provide a free/affordable solution for non-exercises with a brain and mood focus is unique. It's all based on science. Yes, they have the ordinary features:

  • Stream video workouts anytime and anywhere - from your TV, laptop, mobile or tablet

  • Download audio workouts to workout on the go. From boxing with an Olympian to dancing with a choreographer there's something for everyone!

But they also have some unique science based formulas to help you get fit in less time:

  • You're constantly pushed to the next level of intensity so you keep improving by 1% each and every day. With this tried & tested method this results in huge maintainable improvements over time.

  • The 7 minute workouts are powered by the latest in fitness science to elevate your heart rate to 90% -"the trigger zone"- where the highest fitness adaptations happen so you get maximum results in minimum time.

  • Using end-of workout subliminal messages we help you to lift your mood and be focused for the rest of the day.

With all of these features we knew that the brand and the message had to be clear, respected, friendly and honest. We set-out to brainstorm ideas; from colours, typography, key messages and the like. And we kept hitting a bit of stumbling block... mainly due to the fact that within 7 Minute Mornings there were a variety of workouts with different audiences in mind. So we decided to have mini-branding for each one of those so that they could appeal to each audience and connect and engage with them all emotionally...


The main challenge faced was for each mini brand to work together seamlessly, and we think we achieved this!

  • Core brand colours: Green, Charcoal, White

  • 7 Minute Beats: This is a fun, dance based routine aimed at teens and younger females. We went with a hot pink!

  • 7 Minute KOfit: This is a boxing based routine with an Olympian - we went with black and red for impact

  • 7 Minute Max: This is the main science based HIIT routine - we used a navy blue to symbolise the science and trustworthiness. This routine is aimed at beginners and even seniors and has a more traditional feel.

KOFIT video
7 minute kofit logo
Beats video
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max video
7 minute max logo

UI, Web Design & Build

We built the website using WordPress and the popular Elementor page builder after designing the UI layout to be as simple and friendly as possible. We created landing pages with split testing, sign-up forms, payment gateways (woo commerce) and integrated the website with Active Campaign in order to manage the customers and subscriptions. We also linked each page up to Google analytics in order to help 7MM track their conversions and optimise their performance. Various graphics were created to showcase the unique science and the intensity of the workouts.

  • WordPress

  • Elementor

  • Woo Commerce

  • Stripe

  • Google Analytics

  • Active Campaign CRM

7 minute mornings website
responsive design
graphic design

UX User Journey (Mobile & Desktop)

In order to keep the user journey as simple as possible we mapped this out and trialled and tested different options with our trial consumers before releasing this to the masses! This helped us to condense and simplify the user journey and the members experience considerably after some vert useful feedback.


We used video guides to help explain to the user what to do, as well as email written downloads and tips to further support the process. On the workout video pages, clear days of the week icons were included, as well as quick links to the technique videos and audio versions underneath to make the routine very simple to follow, whether you're on mobile, tablet or desktop or even TV.


Similarly, when purchasing a premium programme, the checkout process was simplified and kept as short as possible.

  • Step 1: Login/Sign  Up

  • Step 2: Straight to your members dashboard

  • Step 3: Select Your Workout Programme

  • Step 4: Take the intro course (optional/skip option)

  • Step 5: Get started/choose your workout

membership login area
workouts web page
members portal
membership area
workouts webpage
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